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Thermomix® TM6

 Thermomix® TM6 and Cookidoo®, allows you to cook your way, with access to the entire recipe library.

The step by step instructions allows independenceallow and inspiration for even the younger family members.

It has the ability to replace up to 20 everyday appliances. With built-in modes, it creates an amazing meal that is able to wow your friends and family.

All with the Wi-Fi and universal button, you can plan, chop and create.


Kobold® Cordless Vacuum (VB100)

Kobold’s sleek Cordless Vacuum (VB100) with the powerful two-motor technology it takes cleaning to the next level. The range of attachments and the three suction-level allows for versatility to suit your needs.



Ovana Portable Pizza Oven

 Ovana Portable Pizza Oven can cook restaurant-quality pizza in approximately 60 seconds.

It takes about 15mins to get the pizza oven to temperature, allowing to have food on the table, that has that homemade feel and taste.

Quick and easy way with Ovana pizza oven making your pizza night tops.


TM6 Bowl, Blade and Lid Set

Multi-tasking and speeding up prep time with ease. It is the second pair of hands you will wonder how you ever how you managed.

Whisking with Thermomix ® TM6
Thermomix Australia and New Zealand

Whisking with Thermomix ® TM6

Thermomix ® TM6 can whip or whisk your ingredients to perfection. Find out more at or Thermomix ® has a whipping function that allows you to create effortless whipped cream, delicious mousses and airy egg whites. Thermomix ® makes light work of the most demanding whipping and whisking tasks. How does the Thermomix ® whipping function work? The secret to getting great results when whipping with the Thermomix ® is to use the butterfly whisk attachment. The unique design of the butterfly whisk helps to add air to the mixture in order to create light, fluffy textures. To activate the Thermomix ® whipping function, simply attach the butterfly whisk onto the blade, set the speed to a moderate 2 - 4, and relax while the Thermomix ® does all the hard work. Simple! Whipping with the Thermomix ® is both practical and easy, and requires only one bowl plus the butterfly whisk. This means there is very little to clean or wash up. What can I create with the whipping function? The Thermomix ® whipping function can be used to prepare delicious meringue mixtures, as well as rich, velvety mousses, whipped cream, homemade butter and much more. The aerating action of the butterfly whisk is perfect for whipping egg whites until they are glossy and form beautiful peaks. The egg whites can then be used to make pavlova, or added to other ingredients to create delicious flavour combinations. Many chefs recommend that you use a glass, metal or ceramic bowl to obtain the best results when whisking egg whites, so the stainless steel metal bowl of the Thermomix ® is ideal for this function. Once you have started using the Thermomix ® whipping function to create amazing savoury dishes and scrumptious desserts, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. For more information about Thermomix ®, or to book a demonstration to see it in action, visit our website. Find out more about the Thermomix TM6 at or
Sauté with Thermomix ® TM6