End of year Catch up

As I start my semester 3 I am better prepared for what lays ahead. I still am not sure of grades so that waiting game continues until all grades are in. I hate this part where I submitted work weeks ago and may or may not have passed even though I have started the next semester. Business degree has given me so much guidance to where my path is heading, as I am developing my skills I am finding that community development is where my heart is heading.

I would like to see kids supported and connecting with local sporting groups or community groups, where they can learn skills to lead to employment. They can feel valued as they develop skills and techniques to create a successful future no matter what they choose. It can give the community groups or sports a growth in members and this can help with businesses supporting a program that may take internships or apprentices.

I have connections with hockey community that have supported my boys and I hope this can continue with other kids as they get the same opportunities.

Business studies will be taking on more time as I get further ahead as this semester is law, analytic and communication skills including the Introduction to financial accounting.

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