Food for thought

As I was a Thermomix consultant I love I can plan ahead my week and order my shopping online. I get my kids and hubby to do this as I am concentrating on my first few weeks at uni. What types of food do You like to eat? Do you like quick and easy, fast and fresh or comfort food that warms the toes?

I have sweet tooths and savoury snackers here, so curry and desserts are a hot hit. Also food on the run so anything that can go in a wrap or bun are great for the crazy days where you feel like you live in a hotel and people are constantly coming and going.

I go shopping on the rare occasion now and get top ups or BAD snack food that cost a lot but taste great.

My goal is to have a balance where I can do cook ups and have snacks ready to go, my favourites are melting moments and any type of cupcakes that I can ice individually. Then I can watch tutorials and still eat something nice so I don't get brain fade.

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