How to Handle you hair

A few easy tips to freshen up your hair

Curly hair gone frizzy?

Shampoo with a low sulphate shampoo twice. towel dry the hair and pop in a deep moisture mask, preferable designed curly hair or dry hair. Wrap it in a hair wrap and leave at least 20minutes.

Rinse well and apply some curl creme and organ oil. wrap in the hair turban to dry naturally.

This will condition the curls and bring back the elasticity to the hair and help reduce the frizz.

Oily roots and feel like you need to shampoo everyday.

Get a clarifying shampoo do that and then towel dry the hair and apply a biphase conditioner to the hair. this will balance out the oils in the scalp and condition the hair. Follow up with a sebum control shampoo next time as that will help realign the oils in the scalp.

These are just 2 issues to see more helpful hint and tips on controlling rebellious hair friend me on Facebook, or stay tuned for more here

Stay Well Stay safe and keep smiling, You never know who needs one today.X

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