Lockdown Lowdown

As University has begun Brisbane is in lockdown again thanks to Covid-19.

I sit reading in my office and deciphering the language before me.

My thoughts go out to all those before me that have conquered and felt deflated, overwhelmed and even saddened by the amount of work. As we can't go out and socialise or just go to the shops and makeover Hairdressing clients.

My thoughts of University were yes a lot of reading and so much work I have not been exposed to in my 47 years.

What I am grateful for is the experience of not giving up the fight and breaking it into the small achievable chunks. I have internet and goggle on my side and the support of a family that knows I am here for a purpose. EVEN when I am angry, upset from exhaustion from sitting and brain activity at full pace.

Looking at my phone hoping something can tear me away as I am so easily detracted by a ping of a incoming message or email letting me know KFC or Prime Video miss me and come spend time with us.

Here's to the next chapter of my journey where I venture into the Assignment world of Rubrics and Planning for the high marks.

Image attached is my study buddy Baxter(the toy poodle)

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