Meal Planning

Another day another storm, with our current unstable climate these days, give time for planning. I live in Brisbane and am a mum of active boys and raised healthy kids. Do you have kids? Are they still living at home?

Our home is filled with three generations and always have schedules for each person that we suit meal planning around.

Cookidoo®, taste and Youtube give us meal ideas for budget meal ideas.


  • Look at the schedule planner. We have a whiteboard on the kitchen wall about 60cm x 60cm.

  • Then go through the catalogues and restrictions on purchases.

  • Look at funds available.

  • Start meal ideas for personal preferences.

  • The meals are spaghetti bolognese, curry, rice, pizza, bbq or roast.

  • The step I use is what we have and what I need to buy.

  • Shops we use: Woolworths, Aldi and IGA(Independent grocery association)

  • Cookidoo® aligns with click and collect or shop online. I do this as I hate shopping and crowds.

  • Cookidoo® also can create a shopping list. Any of our mobile devices can access this so you can shop and tick as you collect the items, not dependent on where you shop

  • Online resources are for inspiration or a special occasion where you used to cook meat and three vegs it gives ideas that take the same time but offer different flavours.

These I will find an alternative or create a recipe into the Cookidoo® platform to add to the shopping list.

To learn more contact me

kind regards Stacey

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