My 2022

As I am finishing my first year at CQU studying my Bachelor of Business I look upon what I have achieved and how I have changed. I have improved my language and manner in which I communicate with others, I now can use Microsoft office products and frequently surprise myself. I have managed to recover from Covid-19 and isolation, I did appreciate room service and catch up on sleep.

I have started my Thermomix and Nuskin business to help supplement my student studies and put into practice the skills I have learnt. I have also learnt about analytics and live streaming Hockey so will be doing more of that this year to promote the sport to the greater community.

I will be using this website as my base for information and videos from live streaming and webinars or Zoom meetings. I look forward to sharing my journey with others in multiple ways.

If You want to follow my journey and have an interest in any of the products or specials that I promote or share subscribe to not miss out.

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