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Not meeting the Bar, learning to do You

#badmum #guilt #selfish

As I type this, I am on the move,

I withdrew from my University and tapped out of My Journey, which broke me because I had a dream and a goal that had just slipped away.

I had a child with Covid where I couldn't do anything except cook and give him meals and drinks. It took two weeks to completely get over the cough and be clear reading, as we have 7 in our house. I have tried applying for business positions, from Personal assistant to entry-level positions. They were not successful, so now I am investing in myself, and what makes me happy is sharing with others.

In 7 months, I qualified for a Diploma of Business Studies which has given me more experience in my committee positions and building my business platform. I am an independent person who loves to chat, serve others, and take care of my family. The guilt I felt from studying, working and juggling my time makes me happy as I know it will help me be a better business-minded person and have a successful start.

I am starting back at university next semester to complete what I started, I now have a business plan and slowly creating a marketing plan to move forward with. I have deleted my previous social media platforms because I want to show people that it's not easy to have it all and that wanting something wrong is not enough. So I am sharing the ups and the downs because,

Life is messy; why not try simple.

Stacey, Mum of 4+Boys

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