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What would you change in your life if you could?

As a mum, I have raised my boys to be resilient, courageous, and respectful above all. I have just had a terrible semester with contracting Covid and being isolated and sleeping better than a teenager. I have had Christmas hair appointments and family commitments. Time management was not a vital skill I have ever learnt.

Today was the certification of grades, which means for me pass or fail, deciding where to from here over the past three weeks? I am pleased to say where I struggled and cried and got so angry that I have passed and moved forward to my second year at university.

For me, it means I can do this through all the craziness of being a mum and a crap one this semester. I let the team down in every way, from neglecting myself and being angry with all. The moment to put me first is now. I am reinventing myself from the side-line mum to the educated mum who owns her worth. I am not just that hairdresser mum cheering on my boys on the side lines.

With the appliances and the equipment I have at home, did I say I have two boys studying exercise sports science? I am looking forward and putting this plan first of study and self-health from diet and wellbeing. I have my gym experts living here. I will be looking at meal planning and exercise diary, skincare and internal health with the help of Thermomix® and Nuskin.

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