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Updated: Feb 21


I brand known for it's technology and development in the beauty world, earning multiple awards internationally.

I am going to test out the Lumispa as I am a tired, worn out Mum that wants to feel that I am confident and fresh faced again. Do you know what I mean you have spent your days looking after everyone but yourself. Here with Nuskin you can get that spa day feeling in the comfort of your home. The Lumispa is just a taste of what they have on offer as I have a few of their toys and will be putting up my personal experiences.

I have combination mature skin with wear and tear from the Australian climate

What are you skin concerns

Do you have time to go to the beauty spa, or are you like me and time poor but want to look your best. Fresh skin that has a glow , I am a person that has worn makeup everyday at work. I am in the market for that 20's something plump fresh face, without the wrinkles and tired eyes.

My First Impressions

So light weight and easy to use, only takes 2 minutes for a full experience, team it with the Age Loc Treatment Cleanser. For me its the Normal/Combination, but you have a multiple selection to suit your needs. The foam head clips on and then just push the power and away you go, there is two types of heads also. Replacement is recommended every three months with full time use, twice a day, every day.

Day 2

My skin feels firmer, the surface looks smoother and a colour is evening out.

It takes no more time than it does to my usual regime of a cleanse, tone, & moisturise.

If you are a time poor girl you can do this in the shower also, make sure you throughly rinse out the pad and let it dry between use.

If you are sharing the device, do buy a extra head for each user.

Day 3

Looking smooth and shiny, skin evening out and makeup lasting longer with the fresh look. Wanting to care for your skin isnt easy, but with the help of this technology and appliance it is getting easier.

Follow me or Buy yours now and try it out.

Here is the link to my website and you can get yours, sale of saving 25% starts This incredible offer will be available from 12pm AEDT Monday, 21st February until 11.59pm AEDT Monday, 28th February or until promotion stock WHILE STOCK LASTS ONLY)

Day 2

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