The university experience

As I sit here I have 16 hrs to submit a section of my assignment.

I have taken on working many hours at many jobs along with being a part of a large family. I know this is what cramming is about and how badly I have handled the time.

But hey that's uni, poor time management and not allocating time where it's best used. I have wasted my day watching Turkish English subtitled tv shows because they make me smile and laugh.

I have tried many things to get my mojo back, but just as I sit here typing away on a reflection of how I have missed my time.

I am loving the experience and the support is awesome CQU has done well. I have completed my reinstated financial report with so much drama.

I have a better understanding of all the information that I have collated but looking at the huge losses would be a hard pill to swallow with all the investment made into restructuring and development.

The company is building the AI global sector with cloud-based development and helping to create a safe and entertaining environment for their stay in the hospitals.

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