Watch This space

During this Year I have been studying a Diploma in Social media Marketing, to develop skills in computer skills and technology. I have also been learning skills on Social media and giving my best to You.

I finished school in 1990 and have been working ever since in Hairdressing along the way I have learnt so much about Who I am and what I can offer.

My passion is helping others and as I hate cleaning and don't handle learning new thing well, this has been a huge year for growth and finding Myself and how to give my Family a great future.

I love cooking I love my Family and spending time making people feel their best so if this sounds like You, register to stay up to date living the best life and having fun doing things I love to do.

I have helpful hacks on all things from Cleaning to haircare and cooking for Your friends and family. This is a photo of My crazy lot.

Take care best wishes amd stay tuned for more Stacey

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